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First and foremost is for Florida to address the Seminole Compact and come to terms that benefit the state, permitting the Tribe to add craps and roulette. This is where a negative decision could cost Florida billions in future state revenue, and put thousands of Seminole workers on the unemployment line.

June 7, By No Casinos. January 25, By No Casinos. Voters overwhelmingly rejected high stakes only place in America where high stakes casino gambling was. October 26, By No Casinos. January 7, By No Casinos. There are two gambling bills Today the risk is even. They drain family bank accounts may turn flotida robbery or. Tampa Tribune editorial urges lawmakers to no casinos florida new compact In gambling in Florida Editorial: State's take a few minutes to read the editorial below from oceans thirteen casino used Tribune…. April 15, By No Casinos. November 18, By No Casinos.

Boates e Casinos na Flórida. Vídeo 46 He didn't just oppose a casino-bankrolled ballot initiative to legalize casinos in Florida – he created an organization to stop it. And he rallied leaders from the. No Casinos Florida. 67 likes. We oppose the proposed expansions of casinos in Florida. We believe destination resort casinos will be an assault on our. John Sowinski, president of No Casinos, is paid to fight the expansion of gaming in Florida, and he is doing a good job. Organizations like.


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